The Canadian Army & Museums


Canada War Museum 
Canadian War Museum in Ottawa Ontario

Canadian Armed forces Recruting 
The Can Armed Forces Recruting Web Site

museum aviation

Canadian Aviation Museum 
Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Forces Discussion 
Description: The CanadianForcesCa Discussion Board is one of the most popular Canadian Forces discussion boards. Talk about our military, politics, and other general topics.

Canadian Heroes 
Description: Canadian Heroes is dedicated to two unsung heroes. This site has been set up for web surfers, veterans, historians and relatives to see the exploits and accomplishments of two great Canadians who sacrificed so much, so that future generations may multiply the benefits over and over.

Canadian Military News 
Description: A god link to keep track of news affecting our Men and Women in uniform. Arte et Marte.

Description: Website devoted to information about Canadian soldiers in the 20th Century.

CDN ARMY.CA A War Diary 
Description: A forum for any serving, former and future members of Canda's Armed Forces

Description: CdnMilitary.ca is a website that provides monthly features relating to the Canadian military, its future, and its past. Also attached are discussion forums that have been active for over three years and have a widespread user-base. Special November Remembrance Feature examines key events in Canadian Military History (2004 - Battle of Ortona).

Commonwealth wars Graves Commision 
Description: For folks who want to research family and reletives who served and died in the armed forces during the 1st, and 2nd world wars

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